DVDShrink Media Compressor Download With Crack + Keygen

DVDShrink Media Compressor Download With Crack + Keygen

In case you are looking for the options to create a backup of your DVDs and CDs, you have landed at the right spot because we are talking about the software known as DVDShrink. This software allows the users to create a backup of your DVDs and CDs as well as shrinks the files into a smaller size. This software is also equipped with the burning tool which allows the user to disc burn any software or file that they like. The best thing about this software is that every DVD burning software has been proven compatible with the DVDshrink.

In case you are facing issues in ripping the free DVDFab, the feature of DVD cut back features can help you shrink it. In the full disk mode, users can make exact replicas of the DVD where they can cut the random subtitle or audio streams. In this article, we have talked about the DVDShrink Media Compressor – Features to provide a brief overview of the software.


In this section, we have listed down the features that make this software one of its kind and why we are in love with it. Have a look!

  • With this software, users can re-author the stuff on the disk while making you able to extract audios, videos, and menus from the disc as well
  • User can use the drag and drop option to keep the things they want and put the others in the trash which will help them make space
  • This software gives its users the authority to back up the media on the disc to the hard drive directly or even as blank media
  • This software allows its users to check the little box when they want to compress the file along with high-quality error compensation
  • Users have the authority to manually adjust the compression ratio if they are not okay with the default ratios
  • Users can compress the still pictures as well as the still images along with the movies which make this software almost one of its kinds

We hope that this article helped you find the software according to your media compressing needs. Stay tuned for more software and application reviews! Thank you!

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